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Hendi Engineering

Hendi Engineering is responsible for the development of all Hendi Equipment. Our products are manufactured under strict European guidelines in carefully selected plants all over the world. In all cases, our own staff oversees the manufacturing process to ensure quality control of the equipment.

High Quality
Raw materials, products and processes are continuously monitored by our staff.
By using only quality raw materials and half-finished products, you can be guaranteed of high quality products.

Custom-Made Equipment
Hendi Engineering also develops custom-made products, which distinguishes us from other suppliers. Together with the client, a set of requirements is put together. Based on these requirements, our in-house design team sets out to create a quality product.

Examples of Custom-Made Products
•    For Grafen, Hendi Engineering develops professional catering barbecues for indoor, outdoor and event use.
•    For Unox Soup Factory, Hendi teamed up with Unilever to develop various presentation systems.



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