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Quality Management

All products and manufacturing facilities of Hendi comply with the most stringent quality and hygiene requirements. By setting high goals pertaining to quality and service, Hendi can guarantee to uphold all the requirements and expectations of its customers and end users.

Hendi Products: more than Compliance with the European Legislation
Since the last few years, European electrical equipment and gas appliances are required to bear a CE certificate. This mark guarantees a minimum level of safety to the user of the product. Hendi goes a step further; based on risk analysis and extensive experience, Hendi guarantees an even higher safety level.

Extensive Final Inspection of Equipment
All Hendi equipment and products only find their way to the customer after strict quality inspections have determined that they have passed the test. For example, all Hendi gas appliances are subjected to complete quality inspection by authorised staff who use professional testing equipment, also used by official quality authorities such as KIWA.

Fully Automated Specification Management System
From purchase to delivery, from raw material to end product: all steps are thoroughly documented at Hendi Food Service Equipment. All electrical and gas appliances are provided with a serial number or a barcode. This allows for all products to be thoroughly traced and for test reports to be quickly available.

A Highly Motivated and Expert Team
Quality, hygiene, specialised expertise and product knowledge: the team members at Hendi really know what they’re talking about. Our team maintains close and regular contact with our clients and suppliers and is therefore always up to date on the latest developments and innovations.
Hendi also works very closely with its service partners, giving us the ability to continuously improve our products.



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