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Convection steam oven with grill 4x GN 2/3

  • High-quality stainless-steel body and chamber.
    Manual control panel with knobs for function, temperature, time and amount of steam.
    Has functions for defrost, pre-heat, convection, grill, steam or a combination of those functions.
    Temperature can be set up to 280˚C
    Timer can be set up to 120 minutes.
    Convection by means of two heating elements and one fan
    With top grill elements.
    Oven fits 4 GN2/3 trays, distance between the trays is 70 mm.
    Supplied with 1 grid GN2/3.
    Convection 3 kW, grill: 1.8 kW.
    Chamber heaters: bottom 1.6 kW, top 0.7 kW.
    Adjustable feet from 55 to 75 mm.
Art Nr V W mm
225929 230 3000 620x555x(H)585
  • Stainless Steel


    Realisatie door Four Digits op basis van Plone.