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Blender with noise cover

  • Only available in France.
    This blender can prepare anything: fruits, vegetables, cocktails, smoothies, desserts and even crushed ice.
    Replaceable stainless steel knife.
    Manual control panel power setting knob and a pulse switch.
    Noise cover made of polycarbonate, the blender only works when the cover is completely closed.
    Comes with 2,5L break-resistant jug made of BPA-free Tritan copolyester, firm lid made of PBT and a small polycarbonate lid cover.
    Detachable jug can withstand temperatures of -40°C up to 90°C.
    Hi-speed motor with variable speed and pulse function drives the knife from 8350 RPM up to 24800 RPM (without load).
    Equipped with over-heat and over-current protection.
Art Nr V W mm
230602 230 1680 252x258x(H)547
  • ABS plastic
  • BPA free
  • New
  • Polycarbonate
  • Stainless Steel


    Realisatie door Four Digits op basis van Plone.