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Customer Service Department

When you purchase a product of Hendi, you can be assured of a quality product and quality service. In case you have any questions, a comment, you need spare parts  or wish to return a product, please proceed as follows.

Are you a supplier of Hendi products?

Do you have questions or comments regarding one of our products? Do you require parts or do you wish to return a product? Please contact our Customer Service Department. You can reach us at or by telephone on +31 317 68 10 40.

Please have your invoice and product number within reach so we can be of quick service.

Are you a user of Hendi products?

Are you a customer who is using one of the Hendi products and do you have a comment, need parts or wish to return a product? Please contact the supplier from which you purchased your Hendi product. They will be happy to assist you.

Is your supplier not able to help you? Please contact Hendi and have your purchase receipt ready for quicker service.


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