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Low Temperature Oven

The Low Temperature Oven is great for slow cooking, regenerating or keeping food warm until serving. The high-precision temperature control, integrated core temperature probe and two adjustable ventilation openings allow the cooking process to be precisely controlled. Handles in the side make the Low Temperature Oven more portable and ideal for regeneration on-site.

Slow cooking

A Low Temperature Oven is ideal for cooking meat, poultry and fish. Slowly cooking at low temperatures lets the meat retain its juices and nutrients and improves its tenderness and taste. The food loses only 10% of its mass during cooking. Result: more efficient use of food.

Advantages of slow cooking with the Hendi Low Temperature Oven

•    Flavours and juices are retained and tenderness is improved.
•    Food can be kept warm after cooking until serving.
•    Minimal supervision required during cooking and regeneration.
•    No maximum cooking time.
•    Minimal loss of volume.
•    Food can be served directly from the oven to the plate.
•    Easy to move thanks to handles. Ideal for buffets and catering.
•    Portions can be served with the same high quality, consistently.

Watch a video of the Hendi Low Temperature Oven

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