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Low Temperature Oven temperature recommendations

As a rule of thumb for cooking with the Low Temperature Oven, set the oven temperature 10°C higher than the desired core temperature. Higher temperatures can be used to speed up the cooking process but carry a risk of unevenly cooked or overcooked products.

Always follow the HACCP directives!

ProductOven temperatureCore temperature
Roast beef rare 58˚C 48˚C
Medium 65˚C 55˚C
Sirloin, just off rare 65˚C 55˚C
Veal scallop, pink 60˚C 60˚C
Boar, shank, back and fillet 72˚C 62˚C
Tenderloin 72˚C 62˚C
Fricandeau 65˚C 65˚C
Roulade 65˚C 65˚C
Poultry 75˚C 65˚C
Most fish
70˚C 70˚C
Codfish 60˚C 60˚C



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