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Sous vide System

The Hendi Sous Vide System enables you to make delicious meals with a full flavour and a texture unattainable with traditional cooking techniques. The food can be prepared hours or even days in advance. Optimize the productivity of your kitchen and integrate the Hendi Sous Vide System into your workflow.

What is sous vide cooking

Sous vide is French and means “under vacuum”. This cooking technique involves vacuum packed food being cooked in a water bath with a precisely controlled temperature. The constant low temperature ensures an evenly cooked product. Any kind of food can be prepared; meat, fish, vegetables and even fruits.

Advantages of Sous Vide cooking with the Hendi Sous Vide System

•    Retention of flavours, juices, vitamins and minerals.
•    Product is evenly cooked and stays full of taste, soft and juicy.
•    Minimal loss of volume.
•    Product can be stored for a longer time because it’s vacuum packed.
•    Faster marination thanks to the vacuum.
•    Minimal supervision required during cooking and regeneration.
•    Allows preparation outside peak hours.
•    Prepared product can be served at any time.
•    Equally suitable for both single portions and large amounts.

Hendi has developed two Sous Vide Systems: Hendi Sous Vide System GN 1/1 and Hendi Sous Vide System GN 2/3 .

Watch a video of the Hendi Sous Vide System.



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