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Sous Vide temperature recommendations

Beef from rare to well done                49˚C to 65˚C
Pork from medium to well done         56,5˚C tot 80˚C
Lamb from medium to well done       56,5˚C tot 65˚C
Poultry from medium to well done     63,5˚C tot 80˚C

Attention!: Fish, vegetables, fruit and eggs are easily overcooked – the maximum time is very important for these foods.
Fish from rare to medium rare            49˚C tot 60˚C
Vegetables I Fruits                                 84˚C tot 87°C
Eggs rare to well done                           63,5˚C tot 75˚C

•    Raw or non-pasteurised food should not be served to people with immunodeficiency.
•    Always follow the HACCP directives! Working in a hygienic way is very important in Sous Vide cooking. The low temperatures doesn’t eliminate all micro-organisms. A lack of hygiene may lead to quicker spoilage.

ProductThicknessTemperatureHours (min.)Hours (max.)
BEEF, tender
Rare 25 mm 49˚C caution!
1 2
Medium rare 25 mm 52˚C 2 10
Medium 50 mm 55˚C 4 12
Spare ribs 50 mm 70˚C to 80˚C 24 72
Tenderloin 25 mm 56,5˚C 2 24
Chicken w/o bone 25 mm 63,5˚C or higher
2 8
Chicken with bone 50 mm 63,5˚C or higher
3 8
Poultry 70 mm 71˚C or higher
6 8
Fish, white 25 mm max. 55˚C 20’ 40’
Fish, fat 35 mm max. 50˚C 30’ 50’
Lobster 50 mm max. 60˚C 40’ 50’
Shellfish, diverse 30 mm max. 52˚C 30’ 45’
large 55˚C 20’ 35’
Firm fruit 60 mm max. 83˚C 30’ 2,5
Soft fruit 40 mm max. 82˚C 30’ 1
Soft 63,5˚C 45’ 1,5
Hard 71˚C 45’ 1,5
Scrambled 75˚C 20’ 20’



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